Pure Raw & Real Virgin Indian Hair

Pure & Real Indian Hair. Our cream of the crop ELITE hair. All Styles can be colored & flat ironed bone straight and then returned back to it's natural curl pattern when wet.

Why choose our hair? It never looses it's luster. It last a very long time. More hair is in our bundles and it runs longer than most. Example: 12" is like buying a 14" compared to others.

Life Span: Last up to 2 years, & up to 8 installs. For wigs/wig making lasts almost forever. This is the ELITE of Hairs & Cream of The Crop Temple Hair.

8"-12" Most Use 1 - 2 Bundles

14"-16" Most Use 2 Bundles

18"-20" Most Use 2 - 3 Bundles

22"-26" Most Use 3 Bundles

28"-36" Most Use 4 Bundles


8"-20" IN STOCK


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