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Shear Essence Products Pure Raw Indian Hair

The Elite of Virgin Hair. Pure Raw & Real Virgin Indian Hair can be used over and over again. This hair has been proven to last most of our clients well over 2 years or longer used as sew-ins. This hair made with wigs has been known to last even longer. We have been selling this high quality hair since 2006 and we use it in or every hair extension applications in the salon. THEREFORE, WE KNOW THE QUALITY LIKE NO OTHER.

We have RAW Pure Indian Hair in it’s natural state & PROCESSED tamed hair for the different curl patterns. Hair can be processed with color at the factory or it can be custom colored by the stylist. All the hair, the processed and the raw unprocessed is still Pure & Real Virgin Indian Hair that we provide. This is truly the best hair on the market. This hair can be CUSTOM COLORED, CURLED, FLAT IRONED or worn WET & WAVY in it's natural wavy curly state when wet with water.

All bulk wholesale orders are made from scratch and take time for processing. You are getting fresh made to order hair wefts and lace pieces. FRESH BATCHES!

WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITIES: Repeat Customer 10% Off Code: Repeat | 15% Off 5 Pieces or More Code: Wholesale5 | 20% Off 10 Pieces or More Code: Wholesale10 | 25% Off 15 Pieces or More Code: Wholesale15 | 30% Off 20 Pieces or More Code: Wholesale20 | Wholesale Orders 10-12 Days (arrival to our facility). Expedited Shipping $49.95: 6-7 Days (arrival to our facility).

Choose from 25 Factory Colors.

Our WeaveFresh® Maintenance line is also excellent for this hair.

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