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WeaveFresh™ Pretty Baby Hair Pomade 4.0oz
WeaveFresh™ Pretty Baby Hair Pomade 4.0oz
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Product Description

DESCRIPTION The ultimate baby hair holding agent. Defines your Natural Baby Hair & your Lace Front Baby Hair. It can also be used to give a FLAWLESS Lace Front Application/Toupee Application. Fast, Easy, & Non Messy. The perfect hold. 4oz

For Lace Front hold: Attach why product is still wet,sets in less than 2 minutes. Tie with a scarf or blow dry if you want, but not needed. For a longer lasting 2-3 week hold, clean skin with alcohol 1st & then add lace front tape. Stays where you want it. To remove as an lace application: Lift edge & spray with Lace Release or alcohol on the underside.